After earning a Master’s degree in music and a career in piano performance, Jeanne Luedke studied the Suzuki Method of talent education both here and at Dr. Suzuki’s school in Matsumoto, Japan.

She founded the Suzuki Talent Education School of Newtown, Connecticut in 1977 and has been a teacher and trainer for several decades. After forty years of private piano teaching, Jeanne retired from teaching in 1999 to focus entirely on parent education.

She is a past member of the Board of Directors of the Suzuki Association of America and past editor of the piano column for the Suzuki Journal. Jeanne continued to train teachers and parents in her widely acclaimed Parent Education Seminars from 1987-2007. Over a ten year period Jeanne wrote a parent education newsletter for Suzuki parents and teachers.

While she no longer writes the newsletter, she has written a compilation of the best of the newsletter articles entitled Parents as Teachers that is described below.

Other popular parent education materials are her workbooks: Parent Education Book 1 and Parent Education Book 3 which can be used to train parents in the Suzuki method. In addition, the following Luedke lectures can be heard on her two CDs:

  • Volume I - How to Create Desire to Learn in a Child

    • The Five Rules of Effective Teaching

  • Volume II- Be an Assertive Parent: Let Your Kids Know You Love Them, But Don’t be a Wimp

    • Enjoying the Rewards of Good Parental Teaching: The Self-Motivated Child
Her newest materials for parents and teachers includes a compilation of the best of the Luedke newsletters in a 162 page manual called Parents as Teachers which is available now on this site.

In addition, she has written a book entitled Teachers Guide to Parent Education. This guide contains the important information that Jeanne has shared in her newsletters and teacher seminars over the past twenty years.

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