Parent Education Materials for Teachers and Parents

Parent Education Materials for Teachers

All parents can be more effective teachers to their children by learning how to apply the philosophy and methodology of the Suzuki Method. It is the Suzuki teacherís job to prepare the parent to successfully work with her child. Based on my experience as a Suzuki teacher and specialist in parent education for thirty-five years, I have developed a unique parent education program which combines Shinichi Suzukiís powerful learning philosophy with my own common sense parenting approach.

I have spent the last thirty years educating Suzuki parents and teachers through newsletters, workbooks and seminars where I have shown not only how to be a more effective parent but also how to develop a childís many talents. It is my feeling that in order to be effective Suzuki parents and develop their childís enormous potential, parents should take a parent education course to prepare for a successful Suzuki experience with their child.


Over the years hundreds of teachers have given their parents a Luedke Parent Education course. There are two courses that can be used to prepare parents to work more effectively with their children.

Both of these are courses for new parents. The long course found in the Book 1 workbook lasts for six months and was developed for my own studio parents. The first two months of this course cover Suzuki philosophy by reading and discussion of Nurtured by Love and Ability Development From Age Zero. The next two months are spent training parents in the Beginning steps (Bow, Rest, and Ready) and Twinkles. In the fifth month we cover music reading so that the parent can decipher notation and help her child with memorization. Finally, we spend a month discussing the many issues that arise once the child joins the class making sure that we are all on the same train headed in the same direction.

An alternative program for new parents is the ten week course found in the Book 3 workbook. The ten week course teaches Suzuki philosophy only with the reading and discussion of Suzukiís Nurtured by Love and Ability Development From Age Zero. In addition a couple of weeks are spent discussing in depth the Mother-Tongue way of learning. The teacher should then supplement this course with her own program for training other aspects of the Suzuki Method.

Teachers can either order the workbooks themselves online for the parents or have the parents order them...

Parent Education Book 1 (4-6 months course for new parents)

This workbook includes assignment sheets, discussion questions and worksheets for parents. In addition, the workbook functions as a teacherís guide saving hundreds of hours in planning weekly parent sessions. By subscribing to the newsletter and having each parent purchase this workbook teachers will be able to successfully present an effective parent education course to new parents with a minimum of effort. The Volume I workbook can be use in teaching any instrument.

Parent Education Book 3 (For new parents - 10 week short course)
This workbook is designed for those teachers who want to have a comprehensive philosophy course for their new parents, but want the freedom to create their own program in other areas of parenting training, such as beginning steps and Twinkles. This volume works well for all instruments.

Teachers' Guide to Parent Education

In addition a valuable compilation of information for Suzuki teachers. called Teachers Guide to Parent Education is available on the web site. It is a 100 plus page book that will include information distilled from my newsletters and teacher seminars. This volume will describe how to set up a parent education course, how to run a successful parent orientation, how to sell your program and how to get parents to want parent training. Teachers have been asking for something like this for some time, and I am happy to finally have it available for them.

Parent Education Material for Parents

Parents As Teachers

I have spent the last thirty years educating Suzuki parents and teachers through newsletters, workbooks and seminars where I have shown not only how to be a more effective parent, but also how to develop a childís many talents . Much is asked of Suzuki parents and most are more than willing to do what needs to be done if they know what that is. But the truth is that most Suzuki parents at some time need some help.

Sometimes they have questions and concerns about the practice session, sometimes about the childís attitude or lack of interest, sometimes about what to do with a sibling who interferes with the wok that is being done at the instrument. These are questions I have heard asked over and over so I have put together a manual for parents that answers all of those questions and more called Parents as Teachers. It is now available on this web site. I hope you will order a copy and read it every time you have a concern about your Suzuki study or your Suzuki child.

Luedke Lectures on CD

If you are not satisfied with the progress of your child and his Suzuki training perhaps you could benefit from clarifying or refreshing your understanding of the method and the role of the Suzuki parent. Hereís a great way to review the Suzuki philosophy through repetition. Just turn on these CDs in the car or the kitchen and listen to them every day for a week.

Whether it is the Volume One Lectures How to Create Desire to Learn-in a Child and The Five Rules of Effective Teaching or the Volume Two Lectures Be an Assertive Parent- Let Your Kids Know You Love Them But Donít be a Wimp and Enjoying the Rewards of Good Parental Teaching: The Self-Motivated Child, you will be amazed at what will happen. You will begin to speak to your child in a different way. You may see your impatience fade and your voice become more gentle and less critical. Maybe you will finally understand better how to help your child in practice because your understanding of the method is so much greater. Because you have changed, maybe your child will have changed also.

Maybe he is not so quarrelsome and may seem to want to learn. But donít just listen once- listen often. Just as the children must be immersed in their music in order to memorize and internalize it so too can parents use this technique to absorb the thoughts and ideas of Dr. Suzuki in order to peacefully teach their children how to play their instruments. Change takes effort, but miracles can happen when change occurs Donít give up even if things seem difficult now. Listen to the CD again and maybe you will find the answer or the answer will find you.

CD Recording Volume I
Volume I includes:
How to Create a Desire to Learn in a Child and
The Five Rules for Effective Teaching

CD Recording Volume II
Volume II includes:
Be an Assertive Parent: Let Your Kids Know you Love
Them but Don't be a Wimp
Enjoying the Results of Good Parental Teaching: The self-Motivated Child

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